A lot of people don’t know the right process of tree removal. There are various people who prefer to remove trees themselves instead of hiring a tree pruning company. In this article, we will explain easily to understand the process of tree removal. For additional resources go visit website for how to removal a tree while brewing beer.

Check Local Regulations for beer while removing a tree: 

If you plan to remove a tree yourself, you must search if there is any local regulation to comply with. Various places require a permit to remove the trees even from private properties. These regulations are made to avoid illegal removal of natural resources and to maintain beauty. 

If you decide to use a beautiful trees lopping company, make sure they comply with all the regulations to avoid any legal action and penalty. The tree removal company should also be licensed. Check the number of years the company is providing tree removal services. You should also inquire if the company is involved in any legal issue. These easy guidelines should help you find the right tree removal or tree services company. 

What to Consider Before Cutting: 

You should consider removing a tree care only if it is in slope, near electricity or power lines, or near a house. If any of these conditions is present you should consider bringing down the tree. If you plan to remove the tree yourself, check which way the tree bends. This will help you choose your cut points. 

Remove Branches: 

Examine the size of the tree and its surrounding environment. If the height of the tree is above 20 feet, its diameter is more than 10 inches, and it has big branches then you should first climb up on the tree and cut off the branches either with a hand saw or chain saw instead of cutting down the whole tree This way the tree or its branches will not strike cars, houses, people or power lines. 

Remove Trunks: 

After removing the branches of the tree, next step is removing the trunks. If the tree is a big one then it’s trunk should be cut down in two to three-foot parts depending on the diameter of the tree. A chain saw can be used for this purpose. This process should be continued until the remaining trunk is 5 to 9 feet in height. This remaining trunk should be cut off from the roots. 

This process is not required for the smaller trees An Axe or a hand saw should be used to remove the trunks of a small tree. Simple back cuts and V cuts will do the needful . 


After removing the trunks, use a stump grinder to remove the rest of the trunk including the stump. You can get this machine from different stores on rent. If the stump is bigger then it’s better to hire a professional company to remove it with heavy machinery. Of course, not every tree that one would wish to remove is still standing, and indeed it is often the larger jobs that require the removal of a tree that has either been cut down by the wind or fallen to the earth because of age or disease. While this may seem straightforward compared to a task like stump grinding, it can in fact be much trickier as the tree could have fallen into another one, meaning that it is suspended many feet from the ground and difficult to get at. If this is the case then you definitely need a professional as otherwise the tree could take the other one down with it as the second tree struggles over time to bear the weight of the first. 

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